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All Fish & Chicken are Cooked with 100% Vegetable Oil

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The best fried chicken in Detroit.  I don’t eat everybody’s chicken, but I will drive miles for some JJ’s chicken.  In my opinion, the other chicken joints (Captain Jays, Popeyes, KFC etc) can’t compete.  They also have very good coleslaw and fries.  When I lived in California, I was tempted to have JJ’s air shipped to me.  They have good lunch (11 am-3 pm) specials too.

Anna-Lisa Moore

I really like this place. The staff were so kind and my food was bomb. A bunch of deserts to choose from and they all looked so good. Great experience


I previously overlooked this small place over the months. I drive past them everyday & never even noticed them until my cousin called in a large order & needed me to pick it up for her. Their food is delicious! I'm now a customer!

Diane Chapman

I go there every Sunday after church to get my lunch. It's a great place to take out and has everything that you might want n fish or chicken plus you can get fries or coleslaw it even have ice cream or cake and Kool-Aid. Delicious food I am in love with their whole wings.

Constance Cooper

I love this location. The staff is very professional, they always were the mask and gloves while handling food.  They use healthy oils for cooking food.  That is fantastic, no one wants to eat food drenched in saturated and trans fats. Thanks JJ Fish & Chicken.

Bea Butler